Pure Ceylon tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis), a herb that originated in China. This beverage is produced with 100% natural pure Ceylon black tea, a refresher, athirst quencher, an eye-opener, a dietary supplement, and a complexion developing drink. This is a non-alcoholic ale drink, not an imitation or copy of another of any, it contains an original character of ale and with completely different and patented in Sri Lanka.

Tea ale is brewed in a manner with the finest Ceylon tea leaves especially for customers who are interested in natural products which are cultivated out of Sri Lanka, Rich in taste as a dessert-inspired beverage. and will take you to the extra mile on an intergalactic trip.

Health Benefits are based on natural Ceylon black tea. Low-sweetened and refreshing texture, Taste of Good English bitter, Carbonation is spot on with fizz bubble but well made easy drinking realale. and a nice organic smell, best when chilled on a warm day. The experience will complement the tasting of Ceylon tea, which is expertly prepared. Also designed specially to cheer up your senses and be the talk ofthe town. All drinks were introduced to the global market by the Honorable Beverages, Sri Lanka.

black tea ale