Palmyra fruit punch - Made with Palmyra fruit pulp

The Palmyra palm, also known as a sugar palm tree or the toddy palm is a popular fruit around the north and east countryside of Sri Lanka. Most of North village housewives prepare differently types of food items using palm juice. Moreover, the fruit is often used as a natural coolant and often recommended in the hot, summer months.

Traditionally the drink was made in the countryside by half burning the whole fruit and removing the pulp and then add coconut milk to serve among the family and friends.

Palmyra fruit punch is made with the pulp of the fruit. Always picked fresh fruit during the season from the area of Jaffna and processed to supply our valuable customers.

This product is not an imitation of another and the concept of manufacturing is a unique innovation and patented in Sri Lanka.

Besides its tempting taste, the fruit contains a large number of health benefits.

So here are some health benefits of Palmyra fruit:

The natural gelatin that can give a sense of fullness after eating it. This makes your appetite controlled. Palmyra is an excellent substitute for making an oral rehydration solution, which is used for the maintenance of the electrolyte balance within the body cells. Oral rehydration solution is very useful for people suffering from vomiting and diarrhea.

Slowly it can heal arthritis and diabetes. and also can avoid constipation as well as other digestive disorders. Palmyra is used for treating typhoid, bad breath, cold, anemia, cough, high blood pressure, leprosy, and asthma.

palmyra fruit punch