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We are proud to announce the introduction of Oxygenated Water for the first time in Sri Lanka as an energy drinks and an immune booster. These products are especially recommended for everyone wanting a healthy life.

Honorable Beverages

Honorable Beverages is the proud manufacturer of the patented Oxygenated Water. In addition, we produce a wide range of other healthy beverages. Our motivation as a team is to become the leading household name in the innovation of a distinguished array of merchandise. Among other multiple commodities we carry, Oxygenated Water is our stalwart product within our repertoire that we enjoy delivering for the tremendous health and well-being of our society.


The Evolution of Oxygenated Water with a patented process developed right here in Sri Lanka, we have brought all the benefits of water and oxygen together to create something exciting and new. By increasing the level of oxygen in the water by 500%, and branded as WO2TER & O2XI-GEN.

The patented process of producing water with a highconcentration of oxygen is a state-of-the-art innovation for the Sri Lankanbeverage market. This product contains:

  • Higher dissolving ratios
  • Oxygen concentration over 500% compared to normal drinking water.
  • Strengthen the immune system and increase blood platelet count rapidly.
  • Helps to fight all kind of anaerobic bacteria, viruses, funguses and pathogens.
  • Helps to recover muscle fatigue and reduces the formation of lactic acids.
    Helps to overcome respiratory issues.
  • Convert glucose into energy and balance sugar levels.
  • Improve mental clarity and memory capacity.
  • Speeds up recoveries.
  • Prevent diseases and risk of cancer.
  • Cures skin abrasions, sores, and rashes.
  • Enhance overall sports performance.
  • Burns fat and reduces the chances of obesity.
  • Helps maintain blood pressure levels.
  • Purifies blood and gives a glow to your skin.
  • Stop free radicals and anti-aging.
  • Improve digestive system.

Product Information

regenated water

Oxygenated Water is beneficial for everyone. It is suitable for people of all ages. Our products are enriched with high oxygen that is bio-available to the red blood cells of the body.

Our Story of oxygenated water

Oxygenated Water was a result of a lengthy process of research to produce a healthy natural power-boosting beverage. We initially introduced Oxygenated Water in early 2015 with limited production capacities. Since its inception, the product was well received and embraced by its consumers which helped us to grow rapidly with quality and quantity.

The patented process and the clinically certified standards have proven the richness of elements it contains as it claims. Un-parallel results, trust, and an uncompromising position towards quality have helped us to be who we are today. We look forward to continuing our excellent performance and transforming our journey into a legacy.

The product is 100% safe and assured with excellent results to our day-to-day life and it is counted as the fountain of life to all who desire to have a healthy life.

Why we need OXYGEN

Desired Respiration

Oxygen is life: Oxygen is energy for the living. Oxygen is used as energy in a body to release the food molecules. This is called aerobic respiration (the release of energy with oxygen usage.) This procedure is the best way to generate energy in the body.

While resting, an average adult inhales and exhales about 7 to 8 liters of air per minute which aggregates approximately to 11,000 liters of air (0xygen 20% +Nitrogen 78%+ Carbon dioxide1% + other 1% and Hydrogen) per day. Inhaled air is about 20% oxygen. Exhaled air is about 15% percent oxygen and about 5% of breathed air is absorbed or consumed in each breath. The devoured air is converted into carbon dioxide that is released out of our bodies. No matter how much air is consumed, humans take in about 550 liters (5%) which is insufficient.

The required percentage of a Safe Oxygen Level for humans and most animals falls within a minute range. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), determined that the optimal range of oxygen in the air for humans ran between 19.5 and 23.5 percent.

Serious side effects can occur if the oxygen levels drop beyond the safe zone. When oxygen concentration drops from 19.5% to 16 % when an individual is engaged in  physical activity, his/her cells fail to receive the oxygen needed to function precisely. During that time, mental performance gets impaired and respiration intermittent at oxygen concentrations drops from 10% to 14 %. The body gets exhausted at these levels during physical activity. The required human survival level is 6 %, but we get less than 5%, so this is why we need a minimum of 8 hrs sleep to retain 1% of our energy.

Eg: when we are living most of the time in an airconditioned environments such as in an AC vehicle, AC room, AC Office, AC Nightclubs or Shopping Malls. Surely we might be getting less than 5% oxygen. In this regard, your further observation will make you understand the value of life-giving oxygen atmosphere than any other polluted places. When there isn’t enough oxygen in the system, the anaerobic respiration takes place.

This particular function results in a partial breakdown of food molecules to continue producing energy. As a result, lactic acid is produced as well. Lactic acid causes a person to feel tired once it reaches certain sections of the muscles and blood. While active, the body needs even more oxygen to break down lactic acid. Lack of oxygen is revealed at this point by heavy breathing/panting after exercise.

Getting more oxygen in the body will provide more energy that will allow a person to be more active for a longer time without fatigue. More oxygen in the bloodstream indicates that aerobic respiration is functioning properly restoring more energy in the body simultaneously.

Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration is the set of metabolic reactions and processes that takes place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients intoadenosine triphosphate (ATP). The function releases waste products. The reactions involved in respiration are catabolic reactions, which break large molecules into smaller ones, releasing energy in the process. Weak so-called “high-energy” bonds are replaced by stronger bonds in the products.

Respiration is one of the key ways a cell releases chemical energy to fuel cellular activity. Cellular respiration is a combustion reaction; however, it does not resemble one when it occurs in a living cell because of the slow release of energy from the series of reactions.

Nutrients that are commonly used by all living cells in respiration include sugar, amino acids and fatty acids, and the most common oxidizing agent (electron acceptor)in molecular Oxygen (O2.)

The chemical energy stored in ATP (its third phosphate group) is weakly bonded to the rest of the molecule and is modestly broken, allowing stronger bonds to form, thereby transferring energy for use by the cell that can be used to drive the processes that require energy, including bio-synthesis locomotion or transportation of molecules across cell membranes. ATP is a dependent mechanics of red blood cells.

Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin

A drop of blood contains a million red blood cells and the red blood cell survives on an average of only 120 days. Red cells contain a special protein called hemoglobin, (Approximately 300 million Hemoglobin in each red blood cell) which helps carry oxygen from the lungs through the intestines to the rest of the body and returns carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs so it can be exhaled. Also, it removes toxins from the body.

The brain, which is the main part of the body contains 80% of water. The braincells require an enormous quantity of oxygen to generate ATP for the energy process of the body. Consuming wO2ter (Oxygenated Water) regularly is an easyadaption of energy to the brain as well as the body.

Researched Information

For example, when lit a candle and when covered with an open glass frame, the flame will stay burning because it is protected by the wind. But, if the candle is fully covered with the glass, it will blow out immediately. Oxygen is essential to keep the flame burning which exists in the atmosphere in a form of gas. Similarly, Oxygen is the key element that helps everyone to produce energy to keep the body alive.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

Prof. Dr.A.Pakdaman

Mr. Ed McCabe

regenerated water_doctor dr. otto warburg

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg is a two-time Nobel Prize winner in ‘Physiology and Medicine says that high oxygen content in the human body can prevent cancer. The dead cells cannot remain when oxygen is present in a body.

Prof. Dr. A. Pakdaman

Initially in 1970 and 1988 the method in Germany and Europe. The Oral Oxygen (O2) therapy (OOT) was developed and applied in a clinical environment by him. We have followed International Medical standards of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). These are steps to identify the results and benefits of producing our oxygenated water without any hesitation. HBOT results are already demonstrated scientifically, clinically, and medically in a significant manner in all medical worlds.

Mr. Ed McCabe

Who has done his research for the past two decades on oxygen benefits and It is a simple and interesting message about oxygen encouraging to read his book that says, “Flood your body with oxygen therapy for our polluted world.” He has provided multiple links to YouTube videos related to the benefits of Oxygen.

Sports And Performances

Using oxygen in sports isn’t new. The first recorded instance of using oxygen to enhance sports performance dates back to 1908.Cambridge University students tested Oxygen on themselves in athletic events before and after inhaling 100% oxygen and experiencing a significant improvement.

In 1954 a famous athlete named Sir Roger Bannister ran similar tests using extra oxygen. He found breathing and exercise incomparably effortless. Most of the European and USA Olympians have used “Oxygen-rich cocktails” for many years to perform well in their events as per our research.

At a certain point, the World Anti-Drug Association (WADA) banned the use of supplemental oxygen alleging it was a performance-enhancing substance. Subsequently, they announced reversing the claim that Oxygen is a natural product lifting the ban. Today, world-renowned athletes benefit from high oxygen intake as the perfect supplement. Furthermore, in the present high-tech era, methods are developed to break water into small particles to help penetration through the intestines to make muscles firm.

In addition, all regulations of Sri Lanka are adhered to manufacturing this product to satisfy our customers. Every required lab test from the Industry of Technology Institute (ITI) – Sri Lanka, Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Medical Research Institute (MRI) and Linde Oxygen-Sri Lanka is honored.

How Much Should You Drink?

Oxygenated water is introduced to the market as a 100% natural energizing drink and as a 100% natural immune booster. Anyone active can consume any standard quantity of 2 to 3 liters per day instead of normal drinking water; in case if a person has a serious medical condition, a physician’s advice is suggested. The intake quantity can be increased gradually since Oxygenated Water responds faster and more effectively. Material Safety Data Sheet of the product is available with us for any further analytical reasons.

Oxygenated water is not a medicine or a drug. The benefits are much safer than any medicines and greater than any health drinks or energy drinks. If a person consumes Oxygenated Water regularly, within three to four weeks a substantial difference could be noticed internally as well as externally. Improvements in the skin condition will occur too.

If the hemoglobin molecule binds with an oxygen molecule, the color changes to red. As the saturation level increases, the hemoglobin molecule turns from purple to cherry red which helps the red blood cells to change. This process of a well-oxygenated body is living proof when it shows aglow in the appearance of the skin. This procedure takes place when the dead hemoglobin of red blood cells becomes active.

Message as a Special Product

Since our brands wO2ter are enriched with extra Oxygen, they come under the beverage category in Sri Lanka. The beverage is bottled following a new recipes and is different from other products that are available in the local market and we are happy to cater our products for a cheerful living to our consumers.

The registered brand wO2ter contains a high level of actual dissolved oxygen. It is an easy method of support for oxygen to pass through the intestines to the body. Under our initial process, breaking the regular size of water molecules into the smallest molecule of water called ‘micro-structured water.’ The process makes much easy to penetrating the water clusters with oxygen to the intestine easier and brings rapid results to consumers.

When you are experience the goodness of our Oxygenated Water, you may count it as a blessing and that you can pass it others too.

The Best Products Ever in the Globe

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 “99% of Disease Can’t Live in Active Oxygen”

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Make your water work harder, introducing Oxygenated water

Strengthens the Immune System

Boosts energy level

Improves digestion

Improves memory

oxygenerated water

Burns fat

Decreases body aches

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Lowers cancer risks

Cures Skin Abrasions

Prevents Diseases

Enhances overall performance output

Increases blood platelet count rapidly

Reduces Lactic Acidosis (Internal muscle damages)