Passion fruit punch - Made with passion fruit juice - Rs.250

Passion fruit punch born out of tropical fruit punch drink range. Passion
Fruit is known as Passiflora edulis.

Manufactured under a special method and a new recipe for our valuable
customers. Catered from a tropical fruit vine of Tropical paradise,
Sri  Lanka. Made with 100% Natural Passion Fruit pulp rich in antioxidants,
magnesium, vitamins, minerals, a lot of dietary fiber and helps regulate the
digestive system, and may have a range of health benefits. it is a rich
source of nutritional profile.

The texture of this drink is a new experience, new and fresh in taste, a
mocktail blend with sour and sweet and sparkling punch effect. A starter and
a real dessert with true essence of love. While enjoying life with a taste
of goodness from the earth.

The benefits of passion fruit:

  • The pulp of the fruit is stimulant and tonic. Passion fruit juice is quite
    beneficial for healthy bones, tissues, and heart. It helps in reducing the
    symptomsof asthma, by reducing allergy and respiratory tract inflammations. It can also cure coughs, whooping coughs, and bronchitis. The fruit is also used to treat depression and anxiety in traditional medicines. This fruit is evenused for curing mild urinary tract infections and increasing libido. Its seeds help to relieve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids. Passion fruit pulp slows down the aging of the skin by protecting collagen. Seeds contain oils that help to control wrinkles and keep the skin moist. Drinking passion fruit tea is a traditional cure for insomnia. The calming nature of passion fruit makes it good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Passion fruit punch - Rs.250/-

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