oxygenerated water

Historical Background

In all areas of the world and in all epochs important scientists described the importance of
clean water and air for a healthy living. They realised the fundamental meaning of these two
basic natural compounds.

Before this background different methods have been developed to improve oxygen uptake and

Rhazes (865 b.c.), a well reputed scientist, realised that pulmonary deficiency is to be ascribed
to an impairment of oxygen uptake and utilisation. He introduced the terms dyspnoe, apnoe,
tachypnoe, and orthopnoe, terms which are still used today.
In his famous book “Liber canonis medicanae”, Avicenna, a Persian scientist and physician,
describes oxygen rich blood as “flowing life”. The book has been the standard literature in
medical science until the 18th century.

Together with Hyppopkrates and Galen Avicenna was entitled one of the “Fathers of


The principal source of oxygen for human consumption is the breathing air.
The air is consisting of a mixture of different gases and contains about 21 % by volume of
oxygen, 78 % of nitrogen. Less than 1 % of this mixture are noble gases such as argon,
helium, neon, radon, krypton, and xenon and 0,03 % carbon dioxide.


Oxygen is most widely spread and an indispensable element for life on earth. It participates in
all biological and bio-energetic processes of our body, soul, and mind. As a therapeutic tool
oxygen can be used to cure many cellular malfunctions like cellular and organ detraction.
Lack of oxygen (oxygen insufficiency) can bring serious health problems for human as well
as for most creatures. In laboratory in cultivated cells, lack of oxygen triggers irregular,
disturbed DNA syntheses. (14)

Oxygen participates in all burning processes outside and inside the body. During the
procedure carbon dioxide, water, waste products, and energy are liberated. This energy is used
for all cell functions.

The human body can survive without solid food for about 2 weeks, without liquids for less
than a week, but cannot survive without oxygen for more than minutes. The oxygen is
indispensable for the great majority of life forms on earth.
The atmosphere contains 21 % of oxygen. Oxygen is also solved in water. In a waterfall for
example, the oxygen is found in a higher concentration. Water can be enriched with oxygen
leading to a water that contains more oxygen than it did before, what means that it is of higher

Oxygen as the most frequent element is nature is distributed in the most important natural

Oxygen is constituent of the air, of water, and of the earth.

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